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TCPS 2 - Acknowledgements

The second edition of the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans was launched in December 2010. TCPS 2, as it is commonly known, updated and expanded the original (1998) version of TCPS. The Panel on Research Ethics (PRE) and the Secretariat on Responsible Conduct of Research that supports PRE, strive to ensure that TCPS 2 is current and that the guidance it provides is as clear as possible. In this, they have always received the full support of the federal research agencies (CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC) that are jointly responsible for the TCPS, and for PRE and the Secretariat.

This revised version of TCPS 2 reflects the efforts of PRE and the Secretariat since the launch of TCPS 2 to achieve those goals. Together, they have addressed areas requiring clarification and responded to the evolution of issues that arise in research involving humans. These efforts are informed by the feedback we received from the research community and from those whose professional focus is research ethics. Community engagement provides an invaluable source of information for PRE and the Secretariat, whether through our interpretation service, our speaking engagements at regional and national meetings, or our public consultation on the proposed changes that led to this version of TCPS 2 . It is our hope that these revisions make TCPS 2 a more useful resource for researchers and, therefore, a more effective instrument for the protection of research participants.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our colleagues, past and present, on PRE, as well as the staff of the Secretariat, for their commitment to ensuring that the ethics of human research is integral to all research efforts. We would like to thank the members of CIHR’s Stem Cell Oversight Committee (SCOC) for their assistance with the integration of the Guidelines for Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Research into TCPS 2. Thanks are also due to the members of the public who have generously shared their knowledge, experience and expertise to assist us in our ongoing commitment to improve TCPS 2.

Respectfully submitted by:

Jim Frideres
Chair, Panel on Research Ethics

Samuel K. Ludwin
Chair, Panel on Research Ethics



Panel on Research Ethics:
Judith Bartlett
Michel Bergeron
Édith Deleury
Anne Dooley
Carolyn Ells
Deborah Fels
Lawrence Felt
Pierrette Fortin
Lisa Given
James Lavery
Patrick O’Neill
Gordon Robinson
Martin Schechter
Veronica Stinson
Lehana Thabane
Brent Windwick

Secretariat on Responsible Conduct of Research:
Susan Zimmerman, Executive Director
Hanan Abdel-Akher, Senior Policy Analyst
Laura-Lee Balkwill, Policy Analyst
Margaret Blakeney, Senior Policy Analyst
Wendy Burgess, Policy Analyst
Sara Esam, Senior Policy Analyst
Nicki Jenish, Program and Administration Officer
Susan Lalumiere, Program and Administration Officer
Heather Dana Munroe, Communications Officer
Karen Wallace, Senior Advisor

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